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Aggressive Central Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney

When you have serious problems, you need a serious attorney. Whether you’re facing serious criminal charges or CPS is trying to take your children, or you have another serious problem, you should hire an attorney who has the knowledge and skills to fight for you.

Attorney Joshua Blanchard provides aggressive legal services for clients throughout Michigan. Whether it’s an OWI in Escanaba or a Murder case in Grand Rapids, you owe it to yourself to hire someone that will invest the time and effort necessary to solve whatever problem you may be facing.

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Recent Victories

Domestic Violence – Kent County: Our client was charged with domestic violence following a heated encounter with her long-time boyfriend. On the morning of jury trial, the prosecution made an even better plea offer, but out innocent client rejected it. Attorney Joshua Blanchard conducted a full day jury trial. After deliberating for only 30 minutes, the jury found our client NOT GUILTY of Domestic Violence.

Criminal Sexual Conduct 1st Degree – Kent County: Our client was charged with one count of Criminal Sexual Conduct – First Degree (CSC1), two counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct – Third Degree (CSC3), one count of Criminal Sexual Conduct – Fourth Degree (CSC4), and furnishing alcohol to a minor. Attorneys Keeley Heath and Joshua Blanchard were hired to substitute in for previous counsel the evening prior to the start of the first scheduled jury trial after the previous attorney told our client to plead guilty or face decades in prison. We were successful in obtaining an adjournment of the jury trial on the morning that it was set to begin. Prior to trial, we moved to dismiss one count of CSC3 and the sole count of CSC4. After months of preparation, we conducted a week long jury trial on the remaining counts. In the end, the jury found our client NOT GUILTY of both the CSC1 and the CSC3. We we able to avoid a felony conviction and sex offender registration for this client.

Operating While Intoxicated – Allegan County / City of Douglas: Our client was charged with Operating While Intoxicated (DUI) after a traffic stop for speeding. The officer attempted to perform some field sobriety tests, but failed to conform to the standards prescribed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The Datamaster breath test result was .14 BrAC. Through effective cross examination of the investigating officer and the Datamaster technicians, Attorney Joshua Blanchard was able to convince the jury that the government had not proven that our client was operating a motor vehicle with an unlawful bodily alcohol content. After a very short deliberation, the jury returned a verdict of NOT GUILTY.

Assault & Battery / Disturbing the Peace – Clare County: Our client was charged with one count of assault and one count of disturbing the peace following an incident in a public parking lot involving his brother. Through effective story-telling and cross examination, Mr. Blanchard was successful in convincing a jury that his client was innocent. After a couple hours of deliberation, the jury returned a verdict of NOT GUILTY.

Domestic Violence 2nd Offense – Clare County: Our client was charged with two counts of second offense domestic violence. Despite our opposition, the judge ruled that evidence of prior acts of domestic violence against the same complainant would be presented to the jury. Attorney Josh Blanchard conducted a jury trial which was prosecuted by the Michigan Attorney General’s office. After a short deliberation, the jury returned a verdict of NOT GUILTY on both counts.

Possession of Marijuana – Montcalm County: Client was charged with possession of marijuana following surveillance by a local police officer. Attorney Joshua Blanchard filed a motion to suppress evidence of the marijuana because there had been a violation of our client’s 4th Amendment rights to be free from unreasonable search and seizure. After a two-hour evidentiary hearing, the judge SUPPRESSED the marijuana. Shortly thereafter the prosecutor DISMISSED the charges.

Operating While Intoxicated – Montcalm County: Our client was charged with OWI following a traffic stop because the officer had allegedly observed client’s vehicle to be weaving in his lane. Attorney Joshua Blanchard filed a motion to suppress evidence of the breath test because our client was detained for an unreasonable time prior to his arrest. On the day before the hearing on our motion to suppress, the prosecutor’s office DISMISSED the charges.

OWI 3rd – Montcalm County: Client was charged with felony operating while intoxicated. We filed a motion to suppress the blood test results based on non-compliance with Michigan’s Implied Consent law. After filing the motion, the prosecutor agreed to a plea to reckless driving with no jail or probation.

OWI – Oscoda County: Client charged with OWI after a roll-over accident and .18 BrAC breath test. Reduced to reckless driving.

Use of Marijuana – Montcalm County: Client was charged with use of marijuana. We tried the case and client was acquitted at a bench trial.

OWI – Bay County: Client was charged with OWI. We concluded that the police had insufficient evidence to request a breath test or arrest client. After filing a motion to suppress, client accepted plea offer to having open intoxicants in a motor vehicle.

Assault & Battery Jury Trial – Montcalm County: Original charge was assault & battery. After a jury trial, the judge declared a mistrial when the jurors were unable to reach a verdict.

Contempt of Court Appeal – Montcalm County: We filed an appeal for a client who was sentenced to serve consecutive sentences. On appeal it was ordered that his sentences run concurrently, thereby releasing him from jail earlier than originally scheduled.

OWI 2nd – Clare County: Client was charged with operating while intoxicated, second offense. After review and negotiation, the charges were dismissed without prejudice.

So, you’ve been charged with a crime . . .

For many people, being arrested or learning that they’ve been charged with a crime is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Many people have no idea what to do or who to call.

First of all, do not talk to the police (or anyone else) about the events surrounding the alleged crime. In my opinion, a very large percentage of my clients would receive better offers and would have much better odds at trial if they hadn’t confessed to all or a part of the crime when asked questions by a police officer. You need to understand that police officers are in the business of investigating crimes and arresting people. If the officer tells you that you’re only going to help yourself by talking to him, don’t believe it. The officer is trained in interrogation techniques. The officer is allowed to lie to you in order to get you to confess. Don’t say anything — anything at all — to a police officer. Tell the officer that you’d like to speak with an attorney before answering any questions.

Secondly, find a competent attorney that you’re comfortable dealing with. Fighting criminal charges is a stressful process which requires you to make some significant and life-changing decisions. You need to trust the person that you’re hiring to defend you.

Third, hire an attorney who is a criminal defense attorney. Being charged with a crime is a serious event. Don’t trust your future to your neighbor’s uncle’s estate planning attorney. Check with associations like the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan or the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys to find someone who is active in the practice of criminal defense.

To speak with Josh Blanchard regarding your case, call him at 989-283-1300.