With offices in Clare, Stanton and Grand Rapids, Michigan, Attorney Joshua Blanchard provides aggressive legal representation to people in need. Whether you have felony criminal charges pending against you or are under investigation, you need an aggressive attorney who will fully represent you. Mr. Blanchard has obtained dismissals and acquittals in many of Michigan’s counties.

Josh is a trial lawyer who represents people facing serious charges regardless of where they’re being accused. He is admitted to practice law in Michigan, Federal courts, and with the assistance of local counsel can help with criminal charges nationwide.

Does your attorney employ the latest trial techniques and engage in continuing professional development? Mr. Blanchard is a graduate of the CDAM Trial College and regularly attends workshops and seminars where he learns the latest techniques in trial advocacy and communication skills. In 2010, Mr. Blanchard spent three weeks secluded at the prestigious Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College (http://www.triallawyerscollege.com) in the mountains of Dubois, WY where he learned to employ advanced techniques in trial advocacy and story-telling.

Mr. Blanchard is on the board of directors for the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan, and the board of directors for the Criminal Law Section of the State Bar. He is a member of the NORML legal committee and a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

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