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So, you’ve been charged with a crime . . .

For many people, being arrested or learning that they’ve been charged with a crime is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Many people have no idea what to do or who to call.

First of all, do not talk to the police (or anyone else) about the events surrounding the alleged crime. In my opinion, a very large percentage of my clients would receive better offers and would have much better odds at trial if they hadn’t confessed to all or a part of the crime when asked questions by a police officer. You need to understand that police officers are in the business of investigating crimes and arresting people. If the officer tells you that you’re only going to help yourself by talking to him, don’t believe it. The officer is trained in interrogation techniques. The officer is allowed to lie to you in order to get you to confess. Don’t say anything — anything at all — to a police officer. Tell the officer that you’d like to speak with an attorney before answering any questions.

Secondly, find a competent attorney that you’re comfortable dealing with. Fighting criminal charges is a stressful process which requires you to make some significant and life-changing decisions. You need to trust the person that you’re hiring to defend you.

Third, hire an attorney who is a criminal defense attorney. Being charged with a crime is a serious event. Don’t trust your future to your neighbor’s uncle’s estate planning attorney. Check with associations like the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan or the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys to find someone who is active in the practice of criminal defense.

To speak with Josh Blanchard regarding your case, call him at 989-283-1300.

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