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Joshua Blanchard
Miel & Carr, PLC
(989) 283-1300
(877) MICH-DUI (24/7)

Stanton Office:
125 W. Main St.
PO Box 8
Stanton, MI 48888

Clare Office:
600 Pine St
PO Box 89
Clare, MI 48617

Aggressive Central Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney

When you have serious problems, you need a serious attorney. Whether you’re facing serious criminal charges or CPS is trying to take your children, or you have another serious problem, you should hire an attorney who has the knowledge and skills to fight for you.

Attorney Joshua Blanchard provides aggressive legal services for clients throughout Michigan. Whether it’s an OWI in Escanaba or a Murder case in Grand Rapids, you owe it to yourself to hire someone that will invest the time and effort necessary to solve whatever problem you may be facing.

To schedule a consultation, please call 989-283-1300.

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