Josh Blanchard has handled numerous sexual assault and criminal sexual conduct cases successfully.

If you have been accused of sexual assault, rape, or criminal sexual conduct, you need a top sexual assault attorney to represent you. It is important that you hire someone who will take the time to investigate the case and learn your story, so that it can be effectively told to the jury.

In Michigan, sexual assault is generally split into four categories:

  • Criminal Sexual Conduct – First Degree (Life Offense)
  • Criminal Sexual Conduct – Second Degree (15 Year Felony)
  • Criminal Sexual Conduct – Third Degree (15 Year Felony)
  • Criminal Sexual Conduct – Fourth Degree (2 Year High Court Misdemeanor)

Most cases involving allegations of child sexual assault are charged as either CSC1 (involving penetration) or CSC2 (touching). Cases of “statutory rape” and “date rape” are frequently charged as CSC3 and unwanted touching between adults is usually charged as CSC4.

If you’re facing allegations of sexual assault that could land you in prison for decades, you need an attorney who understands the law and relevant science. Mr. Blanchard has the knowledge and skills to effectively present your story to a jury. In one recent case, he obtained a Not Guilty verdict for his client charged with multiple counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct — First Degree, despite the government presenting DNA and physical evidence. Mr. Blanchard has effectively cross-examined some of the country’s leading experts in Sexual Assault Nurse Examinations and investigations, including Dr. Barbara Girardin, members of the Michigan State Police Crime Lab, and Naval Criminal Investigative Services.

Mr. Blanchard has studied the science behind DNA testing. He understands how an improper interview by a police officer of DHS employee can taint a child’s testimony. Mr. Blanchard employs a private investigator at his firm and has working relationships with outside private investigators throughout Michigan.

If you have been accused of sexual assault in Michigan, call Josh Blanchard at 989-321-2000.