Central & Northern Michigan attorney who aggressively defends all felonies and misdemeanors.

If you’re going to protect your freedom, you’re going to have to hire an aggressive criminal defense attorney who isn’t afraid to take your case all the way to trial.

Convictions don’t end at sentencing.

You should be aware that most criminal convictions don’t end when you plead guilty. After a guilty plea or conviction, the defendant is often faced with serious penalties and sanctions including jail, fines, costs, probation, driver’s license or professional license sanctions, increased insurance costs, employment problems, fees, and other long-term consequences.

The prosecutor is your enemy.

The prosecutor is not on your side. Their job — and they’re good at it — is to get you to plead guilty as quickly as possible. If you’re going to effectively fight someone who has been trained to extract a guilty plea, you’re going to need someone on your side to defend your interests. If you’re going to win your case, you need an effective attorney who isn’t afraid to take your case to trial.

You should prepare for trial from day one.

Having a trial isn’t right for every one, every time — but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare like you’re going to trial. If you’re going to negotiate with the prosecutor, you need an effective advocate who can negotiate on your behalf. The best way to put yourself in a strong negotiating position and a strong trial position, is to prepare for trial from the beginning. We begin every case with the understanding that we’re preparing for trial. We continue on this course until we’ve tried the case to a jury or negotiated an acceptable deal for the client.

Get an attorney, not a secretary.

When you hire Attorney Joshua Blanchard to defend your case, you’ll get a real attorney who cares about your case. We don’t try to screen your calls with some secretary. In fact, after you hire Mr. Blanchard, he’ll give you his personal cell phone number to call in case an emergency arises at any time.

Your future is valuable.

Your future is too valuable to trust to some court appointed attorney that you’ve never met before. To schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation, call us at 989-283-1300.